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Who participated in the casting industry in 1986 company of BROTHERS CAST IRON board production plant in Konya is producing ductile iron and cast iron for. Automotive, machinery, electrical and construction industries, milling machines, hydrolic systems' parts,valves, energy and others which can produce parts up to 2400 kg to 1 kg Cast Iron Brotherhood continuous growth approach; using the effective capacity, giving importance to development activities without compromising on quality and is a company which continues to evolve. Respect we have for our work, diligence in our work, our clients to provide the best service, quality and cost of our main principle is to remove the solid work. Our biggest goal is for our customers Cast Iron Brotherhood accordance with the regulations, and conditions at any time by providing excellent products and services are innovative and make high quality production.
Environmentally friendly, high quality and competitive service employees with understanding the Iron Brothers Foundry No. automotive, sell the mills and power quality with the production company and the name of the well-known brands are made to move frequently mentioned.
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